The Company

Tecnoguar is one of the four brands of Tecnoguarnizioni Group srl, which for over 40 years has been producing industrial flat gaskets of all sizes based on the customer's design, using every type of technical material available on the market.


As time has progressed, the company has continued to expand by constantly adding new technologies, which are:

  • manual or automatic die cutting machines
  • pure waterjet cutting, ideal for any thin or soft material
  • abrasive waterjet cutting: perfect for athermal “cold” cutting any material with a thickness of up to 305 mm
  • pantograph with oscillating blade and/or milling machine
  • punch presses for producing metal gaskets through the use of specially created moulds and any part to meet the customer’s specific request.


In addition to flat gaskets, we also make customized panels out of sound-absorbing, sound-proofing, heat-insulating, anti-moisture or anti-condensation materials for a wide variety of industrial applications.

We are therefore able to process any type of industrial technical material on the market: rubber and foam rubber, cork and cork-rubber, "technical papers", polyurethane and polyethylene foams to make filters, polycarbonate-methacrylate, Teflon (PTFE), reinforced and non-reinforced graphite, polyurethane in the various shore hardnesses, asbestos-free joints, felt, etc.

Service is our strength, which is based on responsiveness and speed in getting back to the customer!
Quickly satisfying a request for one part or an order of thousands of parts with precision, punctuality and competence, allows us to create samples or perform an urgent production run within 24 hours (if the material is in stock): with today’s hectic work pace, we are increasingly being recognized as a key partner for a myriad of artisan and industrial companies.